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eLearning – Mission Impossible

Welcome to Mission Impossible!

Now that you have learned about paradoxes in theory, it is time to put your knowledge and insights into practice: Welcome to Mission Impossible! We’re excited for you to join us on this expedition into the future. Mission Impossible is a decision game that combines gameplay and reflection exercises.

In Mission Impossible, you will take over as managing director of a family-run, traditional brewery. The future of the company is in your hands and there are some difficult situations to master. Every decision has a direct impact on the future of the brewery. So it’s up to you whether you help the company grow to a new size or lead it into insolvency.

Important: Mission Impossible is not about playing a fictional role, but about acting as you would in real life. This is the only way to get the best possible learning experience. So complete all the exercises and answer all the questions honestly.

Step 1: Start the Game and play until the end of the first chapter

  1. How it works:
  2. Start the game by clicking on the button on the right.
  3. Play the game in its current version and save your progress!
  4. While playing the first chapter, note down some keywords on the following questions:
    1. What is the major paradox of the case?
    2. Which stakeholders are there so far?
    3. What position do they take?

After the first chapter, save your progress and proceed with the Polarity Map.

Step 2: Fill in the Polarity Map

Go to the Miro Board and fill in the Polarity Map based on all the information that you have. Pick one of the maps on the Miro Board to work on. 

  1. Identify the poles: What is the major decision dilemma of the case?
  2. Higher Purpose and Deeper Fear: What is the overall goal that the company is trying to achieve? What is the overall result that should be avoided?
  3. List Upsides and Downsides: 
    Upsides: What are the benefits of focusing on this side?
    Downsides: What are the negative consequences of over focusing on this side?
  4. Identify Action Steps & Early Warnings
    Action Steps: What are actions that support the upsides?
    Early Warnings: What are red flags that could alert us if we are over-focusing on a particular pole? 

Now play the game to the end.

The development of Mission Impossible was funded by: