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GFTM | e-Learning Overview

MSc Global Foresight & Technology Management

eLearning Modules

On this page, you will find three complementary e-Learning Modules and materials for the courses „Technology Assessment and Business Ethics“ and „Transformation Processes and Change Management“. The eLearning Modules will help you deepen your understanding of the course contents and provide additional information for those who want to dig deeper.  

Please note: The modules are part of the MSc Global Foresight and Technology Management at TH Ingolstadt. Only students who are subscribed to the respective courses may use the materials. Distributing the links or materials without consent by the lecturer, Prof. Laura Bechthold, is not allowed. 

Access the modules

Basics of Ethical Reasoning

Course: Technology Assessment and Business Ethics
This eLearning module will help you develop a deeper understanding of ethical reasoning. Go through the reader self-paced and fill in several small exercises.

Mission Impossible

Course: Transformation Processes and Change Management Learn how to solve difficult situations by applying "both/and thinking". This module contains several readings and videos. The final page is password protected and will only be revealed in class.

Fabrex Change Simulation

Course: Transformation Processes and Change Management
Access the materials for the Fabrex Change Simulation. The Simulation itself will take part in class during the final part of the course.